Yay I'm online....

Well, this is my first post in the wild wild web. Not that it's new to me I had an old website before, but firing up dreamweaver every single time i'd wanna add something lost it's appeal pretty quickly and didn't allow for much spontaneity ;-)

Now, first things first... An introduction may make some sense here, so let's get started. I'm Daniel Moos from Switzerland beneath cows, deers and dogs - ok, I made up the cows but I swear the deers where there (thanks for that grampa, I love you).

Early on, MS Paint(x486 Gooo!) spurred my imagination and made me realize that the computer is the tool of my choice. I went a bit astray by doing PC support, but after going through mo-graph, 3d modeling and texturing I think I' on the right track with Character animation. That's the reason I came to San Francisco and learn about the fascinating craft of animation at the AAU with all the great people there.

Anyway, I'll blog about great animation, my animation and as the title indicates....stuff

Soooo...let the stuff begin

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